The CCSA’s Policies for Portfolio Preparation Classes


The CCSA accepts payment by cash, cheque, credit or electronic transaction.

Fees for portfolio classes are billed at the end of each month based on the number of hours attended.

As with our other monthly payments we require the student or guardian to provide their credit billing information which will be charged automatically.

All credit information is secure and will be billed the monthly fee on the first week of each month for the duration of registration.



The CCSA requires students to provide a minimum of one months notice prior to their cancellation date. 

If notice of cancellation is not received one month before the beginning of the month that students wish to stop attending, they will be billed for the full month regardless of whether or not they attend. 

Since portfolio classes are billed on a month-to-month basis we will base the monthly cost on an average of previous months.


missed classes

Students who are unable to make it to their classes will be offered one makeup class per month. 

These cannot be carried over and must be used within one month of the missed class. 

We are not responsible for refunding fees for classes that were missed. 

Any classes that the CCSA cancels will be available to make up within one month of the cancelled class.