High school, Post-Secondary & Professional Portfolio Classes

We offer high performance coaching for candidates seeking academic achievement in the Art and Design Industry. These classes are designed to teach students to create new pieces for their portfolio while developing interview skills that will guarantee admission to your program of choice.

Art high school portfolio, college and university portfolio and professional portfolio classes in East York, Toronto

A complimentary assessment is required before enrollment with the instructor in which students bring their current portfolio for review.

Plan for at least 6 months of preparation prior to your application to give yourself enough time to prepare a strong collection of work. If the student does not achieve success in their application, the course if fully reimbursed given that the student had followed all the instructions given by the CCSA.


Junior portfolio preparation class

fee: $30/hour

Classes are 2 hours in duration. This class is for students applying to art high-schools. Students have the option of starting the portfolio from scratch or building up on the works they have.

Senior portfolio preparation class

fee: $35/hour

Classes are 2 - 3 hours in duration. This class is for high-school students seeking post-secondary admission. An assessment with the instructor is mandatory to review the requirements of the school thoroughly.



This is a private class for one-on-one and is dedicated solely on the individual student.