2018: My City

Thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated in The Canadian Children’s Art Competition 2018, it was a great success! We are so proud to have provided the opportunity for artistic exposure and inspiration to children of ages 4-17 around Toronto and the GTA.

The 2018 was theme “My City” –inspired by everything all around us here in Toronto including people, places, animals, cars, and anything else you can imagine.

Submissions were framed and displayed in the gallery space of the Canadian Contemporary School of Art from April 7th to April 28th for the public. Our panel of Jurors for 2018 included: Barbara Reid, Michael Martchenko, and Kevin Sylvester, who selected winners from each of the three age groups.

This competition is hosted by The Canadian Contemporary School of Art! The CCSA aims to expand the joy of art with the children living in Toronto. We believe that all children should have the chance and the space to create art, and we are happy to have provided the opportunity, motivation, and a space to showcase this.


Our Aim

The Canadian Contemporary School of Art aspires to create many opportunities for children to gain valuable artistic experience throughout the year. We want to provide the children with a sense of artistic pride and recognition which, in turn, will encourage them in their pursuit of their own creative journey.

This is a fun and exciting opportunity for children to participate in a competition in the warm environment of the Canadian Contemporary School of Art.

The CCSA aims to overcome barriers and encourage every child’s creativity. We believe that we can plant a seed of life-long innovative thinking as they make something they can call their own.


Our 2018 Winners:

ages 4-8:


ages 9-12:


ages 13-17:



We are so grateful for the generous support. We are truly inspired by your passion to keep art more exciting and accessible for the children of Toronto. With your support to hope to engage the creativity of children in Canada.