Star of the Month


Here is Abigail, a nine-year-old girl in Leaside with a heart of gold. She has been a student of the Canadian Contemporary School of Art for about one year. We had always sensed that Abigail's artistic sensibility was extraordinary, but we had no idea her deep sense of altruism.

First, let’s learn a bit about our star student, Abigail. Her favourite colour is blue -like the dress she is wearing in the picture. Abigail's favourite art practice is architecture. She's been learning architecture here at CCSA, and the artwork she is the proudest of is a model home she built in that class. She is excited to display that at the art exhibition especially. While she doesn’t have a favourite artist at the moment, she does take inspiration from many. For example, the painting below was inspired by Gustav Klimt and his use of gold leaves.

Art for Heart: Abigail Tsui Exhibition

Now let’s talk about her initiative to raise funds for Sick Kids through her first-ever exhibition at CCSA. One day, she listened to the story of a child selling lemonade to raise funds for Sick Kids Hospital. Inspired, Abigail started to make a candy stand out of cardboard boxes so she can also take part in doing good. It was when Abigail went to her mother, Pamela, to ask to buy some candies for her stand that they thought of an even better plan. Abigail’s desire to contribute for a good cause can be channelled through her artistic talent! Now thanks to Abigail and Pamela, the team of CCSA has the honour of hosting her first-ever art exhibition. They are planning to do this every year to raise funds for Sick Kids and they hope to inspire other children to do the same for their community. For this, we are naming Abigail our first ever Star of the Month for 2019/2020 academic year.

So come out and see this girl’s effort to do good through her creativity. Her fundraising event will be held on Sunday, October 20th from 11am to 5pm right here at Canadian Contemporary School of Art. Abigail's first-ever exhibition, Art for Heart, will be displaying her work in many mediums and disciplines such as sculpting, painting, and architecture. There will be face painting, art activities, floral arrangement workshop, safari-themed photo booth, silent auction, and light refreshments.

Now you can use code "CCSA" for a whopping $25 discount -making each ticket only $5 -FIVE DOLLARS!

When was the last time you did something whole-heartedly good at such a low cost to yourself? What is stopping you from not just making a donation, but nurturing a child's kind heart? We believe there is no better occasion to celebrate the light and love. Come and enjoy the show, have fun with the activities provided, and make a girl's year!