TO Canvas Competition

Story of the Day of…


The free painting competition was this Sunday, February 10th. As soon as the clock hit 10AM, there they were -children of our local community eager and ready to paint! A wave of the first 15 children sat down and started to vision, sketch, and paint.


It is always fascinating to see how each child interprets the theme of our activity. The theme of this competition was to paint “What I Want to See Outside My Window." Their painting could be as realistic, imaginative, and abstract as they wanted the scene to be. This kind of free but guided creative thinking always brings out the child’s critical cognitive abilities. Off they went to paint … a sunset ocean, farm yard animals, mystic forest geometric shapes, and so much more.

It says so much about each child’s individuality, their idiosyncratic experiences and perspective they have, which is why it is always such a great pleasure to watch any child create. We watched the deeply focused faces of young children make their own imagination come to life. Their sense of achievement, enjoyment, and pride throughout the process was very palpable.

We thank Canadian Children’s Art Foundation for providing this event and choosing our site to host this amazing opportunity for our local children.

If you participated… What’s next?

We invited 5 post secondary students from University of Toronto, OCAD University, York University, Seneca College, and Centennial College to judge all the entries that were made as the Student Jury to come in the following Tuesday -February 12th, 2019 (If you have not had the chance to meet our lovely student jury members, scroll down on the competition page here)

The student jurors will review all the submissions that were made, and vote for the TOP 25 Paintings. The top 25 contestants will be emailed the good news, and others will be notified that they can come pick up their child’s artwork on Friday, February 15th. The 25 selected paintings will be displayed at the gallery space of the Canadian Contemporary School of Art until March 8th. Throughout the month of February and the first week of March, the local children and our students are invited to vote for their favourite painting -each child will add a sticker to their choice of work.

All the votes will be tallied and we will announce the final winner on Friday, March 8th -Winner of $100 Gift Card to DeSerres!

Thank you, Canadian Children’s Art Foundation for this great event!

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