Let's Create Together

Palms Up for Tree Decorations!

Getting into the holiday spirit with our students at CCSA


Are you excited for the holiday season? The team at CCSA is incredibly excited that this year, we will be decorating the tree with our student’s artwork! Winter can be long and dreadful, so it’s ever more important to celebrate the festivities of the season. We thought we could spruce up our big open space at CCSA with some holiday decorations when we realized … let’s get our students involved, too! Why just celebrate the season, when you can also celebrate the young creative mind? Each student -regardless of their classes (yes, even photography students chimed in for this!) sat down for a short portion of their class this month to create their own tree-ornamental drawing.

The process was simple. Have them trace their hands and draw whatever they felt represented or reminded them of Winter Holidays. Then we cut out the traced hand, punch a hole where they wanted and hang it with some colourful paperclips!

All these variations that you see in the pictures are just brilliant! One student decided to make a Santa Claus out of the palm print and added some white fluffs and red pom-pom. Another opted for more pattern-making technique and drew and painted on colourful designs. Some viewed the palm print as a canvas and drew figures in the center. It’s truly amazing to see what those young minds can make up when you let them freely explore their own sense of aesthetics.

With this tree, CCSA can proudly say -Happy Holidays from all of us at CCSA!