After-school program: Sculpting

Why we believe in this class

One of the classes in the after-school program for students aged four to seventeen we offer is Sculpting. In this class, we explore unlimited variations of materials to create a three-dimensional object. Check out the artworks that were made only last term -Fall 2018!


There are many reasons why sculpting as a class is considered one of the most vital classes we offer. For all ages, the sculpture and installation art classes are valuable as it contributes to the development of their cognitive performance. Sculpting requires a lot of patience and self-discipline. As they are creating an object, they associate three-dimensional shapes and objects to make an art piece.

This experience reinforces corporeality, space, and orientation. This takes a lot of observational skill, problem-solving, decision making, communication, and sometimes their collaborative skills. It need not be said that these skills are essential to their development and personality formation.

Another way the sculpting as an activity benefits the students is through providing emotional relief. We notice that the kind of creative focus that any artistic practice brings can reduce stress significantly. Many studies have shown that the act of molding play, painting, or creating art relieves tension, increase personal awareness, identification with oneself and relations with others.

We believe that our students can express themselves through sculpting, whether it's traditional sculptures or abstract artworks. They can bring themselves into a world where the only limit is their imagination and the ability their eyes and hands can bring forth.

It is precisely this kind of exploration of self-expression that we aim to foster. We truly cannot express just how impressive the works of our students can be, and we cannot wait to see what Winter term 2019 will bring!

Registration for Winter term 2019 is still open and bring processed -join our team of students for Sculpting by contacting us via email ( or submitting the form online on After School Classes under the tab PROGRAMS!