Star of the Month


Here is Abigail, a nine-year-old girl in Leaside with a heart of gold. She has been a student of the Canadian Contemporary School of Art for about one year. We had always sensed that Abigail's artistic sensibility was extraordinary, but we had no idea her deep sense of altruism.

First, let’s learn a bit about our star student, Abigail. Her favourite colour is blue -like the dress she is wearing in the picture. Abigail's favourite art practice is architecture. She's been learning architecture here at CCSA, and the artwork she is the proudest of is a model home she built in that class. She is excited to display that at the art exhibition especially. While she doesn’t have a favourite artist at the moment, she does take inspiration from many. For example, the painting below was inspired by Gustav Klimt and his use of gold leaves.

Art for Heart: Abigail Tsui Exhibition

Now let’s talk about her initiative to raise funds for Sick Kids through her first-ever exhibition at CCSA. One day, she listened to the story of a child selling lemonade to raise funds for Sick Kids Hospital. Inspired, Abigail started to make a candy stand out of cardboard boxes so she can also take part in doing good. It was when Abigail went to her mother, Pamela, to ask to buy some candies for her stand that they thought of an even better plan. Abigail’s desire to contribute for a good cause can be channelled through her artistic talent! Now thanks to Abigail and Pamela, the team of CCSA has the honour of hosting her first-ever art exhibition. They are planning to do this every year to raise funds for Sick Kids and they hope to inspire other children to do the same for their community. For this, we are naming Abigail our first ever Star of the Month for 2019/2020 academic year.

So come out and see this girl’s effort to do good through her creativity. Her fundraising event will be held on Sunday, October 20th from 11am to 5pm right here at Canadian Contemporary School of Art. Abigail's first-ever exhibition, Art for Heart, will be displaying her work in many mediums and disciplines such as sculpting, painting, and architecture. There will be face painting, art activities, floral arrangement workshop, safari-themed photo booth, silent auction, and light refreshments.

Now you can use code "CCSA" for a whopping $25 discount -making each ticket only $5 -FIVE DOLLARS!

When was the last time you did something whole-heartedly good at such a low cost to yourself? What is stopping you from not just making a donation, but nurturing a child's kind heart? We believe there is no better occasion to celebrate the light and love. Come and enjoy the show, have fun with the activities provided, and make a girl's year!

Performing Arts for Children

Performing Arts for Children


In Drama classes, they learn to approach situations in an array of different manners which fosters creative thinking. In a safe and controlled setting, they can immerse themselves in a creative environment -allowing their imaginations to thrive, aiding internal exploration, and development of a sense of self. Through this creative expression, they can learn to comprehend their surroundings better and become better equipped to navigate the challenges they might face. By nurturing spontaneity, ability to think on your feet, think quickly and laterally, children feel empowered and more confident.


Performing arts is an excellent tool for learning for all -even those who are challenged by reading and writing, including those with English as a second language -as they often respond more positively to the imaginative and multi-sensory learning offered by drama. Through the exercises in performing arts, the students celebrate the richness and depth of human expression in all of its forms. They enhance their communication skills in listening, speaking, concentrating, and interpreting body language, thereby promoting social skills and emotional intelligence.


Performing arts classes are more than anything a collaborative exercise. The flow of the class relies on the cooperation of others in all performing arts. Giving your child a platform to express themselves while respecting others’ role in their own performance is beneficial to all children. Not just to those who are shy and less forthcoming but also for those who are already very confident but still struggle with teamwork. By learning self-expression through teamwork in a controlled environment, children develop self-belief, confidence, respect for others, and an understanding of self-worth. All of these elements in a child contribute to developing leadership.

Three crucial cognitive cs IN SUMMARY…

Performing arts give children opportunities to explore, discuss, and deal with different and difficult issues and express their emotions in a supportive environment. It enables them to explore their own cultural values and those of others, to think and act creatively. With a boost of energy, enthusiasm, positivity, and fun, children can develop three crucial cognitive abilities that will complete their studies in other disciplines and for the rest of their lives.

TO Canvas Competition

Story of the Day of…


The free painting competition was this Sunday, February 10th. As soon as the clock hit 10AM, there they were -children of our local community eager and ready to paint! A wave of the first 15 children sat down and started to vision, sketch, and paint.


It is always fascinating to see how each child interprets the theme of our activity. The theme of this competition was to paint “What I Want to See Outside My Window." Their painting could be as realistic, imaginative, and abstract as they wanted the scene to be. This kind of free but guided creative thinking always brings out the child’s critical cognitive abilities. Off they went to paint … a sunset ocean, farm yard animals, mystic forest geometric shapes, and so much more.

It says so much about each child’s individuality, their idiosyncratic experiences and perspective they have, which is why it is always such a great pleasure to watch any child create. We watched the deeply focused faces of young children make their own imagination come to life. Their sense of achievement, enjoyment, and pride throughout the process was very palpable.

We thank Canadian Children’s Art Foundation for providing this event and choosing our site to host this amazing opportunity for our local children.

If you participated… What’s next?

We invited 5 post secondary students from University of Toronto, OCAD University, York University, Seneca College, and Centennial College to judge all the entries that were made as the Student Jury to come in the following Tuesday -February 12th, 2019 (If you have not had the chance to meet our lovely student jury members, scroll down on the competition page here)

The student jurors will review all the submissions that were made, and vote for the TOP 25 Paintings. The top 25 contestants will be emailed the good news, and others will be notified that they can come pick up their child’s artwork on Friday, February 15th. The 25 selected paintings will be displayed at the gallery space of the Canadian Contemporary School of Art until March 8th. Throughout the month of February and the first week of March, the local children and our students are invited to vote for their favourite painting -each child will add a sticker to their choice of work.

All the votes will be tallied and we will announce the final winner on Friday, March 8th -Winner of $100 Gift Card to DeSerres!

Thank you, Canadian Children’s Art Foundation for this great event!

This event is provided by:

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After-school program: Sculpting

Why we believe in this class

One of the classes in the after-school program for students aged four to seventeen we offer is Sculpting. In this class, we explore unlimited variations of materials to create a three-dimensional object. Check out the artworks that were made only last term -Fall 2018!


There are many reasons why sculpting as a class is considered one of the most vital classes we offer. For all ages, the sculpture and installation art classes are valuable as it contributes to the development of their cognitive performance. Sculpting requires a lot of patience and self-discipline. As they are creating an object, they associate three-dimensional shapes and objects to make an art piece.

This experience reinforces corporeality, space, and orientation. This takes a lot of observational skill, problem-solving, decision making, communication, and sometimes their collaborative skills. It need not be said that these skills are essential to their development and personality formation.

Another way the sculpting as an activity benefits the students is through providing emotional relief. We notice that the kind of creative focus that any artistic practice brings can reduce stress significantly. Many studies have shown that the act of molding play, painting, or creating art relieves tension, increase personal awareness, identification with oneself and relations with others.

We believe that our students can express themselves through sculpting, whether it's traditional sculptures or abstract artworks. They can bring themselves into a world where the only limit is their imagination and the ability their eyes and hands can bring forth.

It is precisely this kind of exploration of self-expression that we aim to foster. We truly cannot express just how impressive the works of our students can be, and we cannot wait to see what Winter term 2019 will bring!

Registration for Winter term 2019 is still open and bring processed -join our team of students for Sculpting by contacting us via email ( or submitting the form online on After School Classes under the tab PROGRAMS!

Children's Art Exhibition

Thank You for Support Blossoming Talents!

Toronto’s Only Children’s Artwork Exhibition

Canadian Contemporary School of Art held an Opening Reception on December 8th for our Annual Children’s Artwork Exhibition.

Our Opening Reception for Children’s Artwork Exhibition greeted more happy families than we could have ever hoped for. The team at CCSA worked tirelessly to put together this show as we believe in the importance of professional pride in children. We believe that providing children with opportunities to exhibit their work create a more meaningful experience for them. With this exhibition, we aim to foster the kind of creativity and innovative mind that are essential to children these days. Every single one of you who came made a big change by supporting blossoming talents of Toronto.

Here are some pictures if you couldn’t be here!

We are very honoured to present all of our students work until the next term January 2019 before our school ends the Fall term on December 15th.

Let's Create Together

Palms Up for Tree Decorations!

Getting into the holiday spirit with our students at CCSA


Are you excited for the holiday season? The team at CCSA is incredibly excited that this year, we will be decorating the tree with our student’s artwork! Winter can be long and dreadful, so it’s ever more important to celebrate the festivities of the season. We thought we could spruce up our big open space at CCSA with some holiday decorations when we realized … let’s get our students involved, too! Why just celebrate the season, when you can also celebrate the young creative mind? Each student -regardless of their classes (yes, even photography students chimed in for this!) sat down for a short portion of their class this month to create their own tree-ornamental drawing.

The process was simple. Have them trace their hands and draw whatever they felt represented or reminded them of Winter Holidays. Then we cut out the traced hand, punch a hole where they wanted and hang it with some colourful paperclips!

All these variations that you see in the pictures are just brilliant! One student decided to make a Santa Claus out of the palm print and added some white fluffs and red pom-pom. Another opted for more pattern-making technique and drew and painted on colourful designs. Some viewed the palm print as a canvas and drew figures in the center. It’s truly amazing to see what those young minds can make up when you let them freely explore their own sense of aesthetics.

With this tree, CCSA can proudly say -Happy Holidays from all of us at CCSA!

Star of the Month


A Happy Artist

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 12.05.34 PM.png

Meet Isabelle, a devoted painting student at our school, and a recent winner of the TVO Kids “Draw Your Selfie Contest.” Isabelle is a hardworking six-years-old, who is currently in grade one. Her favorite color is yellow, seen in many of her paintings. Her favorite practice is painting, and while she does not have a favorite artist right now, she draws inspiration from animals such as bunnies, cats, and dogs.

She enjoys her weekly classes here at CCSA and likes to collage pictures at home! Her favorite project she worked on here at CCSA was her prize-winning self-portrait. She completed this painting over the course of one class which is an hour and thirty minutes, using sharpies, watercolors, and acrylic. She was unsure about drawing her signature braids, after practicing she perfected them and she is very happy with it! She submitted her self-portrait in the evening, and received a phone call the very next day that told her that she was a winner!

As part of her prize, Isabelle received a special Art Kit from TVO Kids containing different art materials such as oil pastels, watercolor, brushes and pencil crayons. She has decided to share her art kit with her older brother like the caring girl she is. When asked about her favorite part of making art, she said she really enjoyed working with many colors and “when it’s all finished together!”