Art Classes for Kids & Teens

Offered all year round, the CCSA’s after school program for children and teens are suitable for ages 4-17. Classes are led by practicing artists and the school provides a safe environment for students to experience personal satisfaction that derives from guided self-expression. Seasonal exhibitions of student’s work are open to public, with works being available for purchase!


Painting (ages 4-17)

FEE: $120 - $130 /month

Through the use of proper techniques, students learn that any image can be made perfect in different ways. Classes include the study of art history, painting styles, and techniques of a broad range of artists.


Sculpting (Ages 4-17)

FEE: $120 - $140 /MONTH

With unlimited choice of materials, students in this class create a three dimensional object as they expand their imagination. Students learn about sculptural techniques such as carving, modeling, and assemblage while studying examples of traditional sculptures and abstract modernist artworks.


Animation (age 8-17)

fee: $130 - $150 /month

To create a 5-minute film, an instructor will lead students to first write a short scenario, decide on the type of material then use stop motion technique to make the film. Students will also learn how to make a soundtrack and recording of dialogue. This class is a detail-oriented and labor-intensive craft to achieve the best storytelling.


Architecture (ages 8-17)

fee: $130 - $150 /MONTH

Sketching and recyled materials will be used to make models from caves, huts, to skyscrapers. This exercise will teach the students about the role that space and volume play in architecture, leading to a better understanding of the build environment and urbanism.


cartooning (ages 8-17)

fee: $120 - $130 /MONTH

The emphasis is on the process of a narrative while refining artistic technique. In the process of conceptualizing a story, the exercise will include learning about scene, location, characterization, sequence, and perception.


Fashion design (ages 8-17)

fee: $130 - $150 /month

Learning the basics of drawing and clothing construction, students will use fabrics, buttons, and simple recycled materials to create accessories such as hats and jewelry.


film making (ages 8-17)

fee: $150 /month

Students are given the opportunity to be both the director and actors in the class productions -each making their own 5-minute film in a team collaboration with their fellow students. Students will write a short script and learn the fundamentals of set and sound design, make-up and costuming, shooting and editing.


photography (ages 6-17)

fee: $130 /month

With a digital camera provided, students will gain a better understanding of composition, colour, and light. Weather permitting field trips in the neighbourhood will focus on landscape and studio classes will focus on portrait, figure studies and still life photography.


textile printing (ages 6-17)

fee: $110 - $130/MONTH

The overall goal is to understand the roles that shapes and patterns play in artistic composition. Lessons start with masking techniques and fabric paint and move on to self-made stamps, adapting found items or working with modeling clay.


drawing (Ages 13-17)

fee: $130 /month

This class focuses on building fundamental drawing skills. Students will learn basic techniques such as shading, controlling tones, composition and drawing methods. Classes are kept small to ensure individualized attention and instruction of skill-oriented method.


Creative practice (AGES 4-17)

FEE: $130 /month

This is a course in free-form art making. Students are free to bring their own materials to class to use in this open-ended play. This class allow students to experiment with a range of arts - drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture.