Group & Private Art Classes for Adults


$40/group class

$100/Private class

We specialize in creativity and unleashing the inner artist in every adult. Our 2 hour classes focus on art from a different point of view, understanding the history and learning how to create something new and exciting. We will show you to reach your potential of artistic expression, and surpass your expectations of what art classes can be.

Through the use of new and traditional techniques, students will explore ways to create different mediums of visual art, and be inspired to continue art creation outside of the classroom.






Fashion Design

Open Life Drawing

photoshop/photo editing

Canadian Contemporary Scohol of Art (CCSA) offers group and private art lessons. Drawings for adults. Painting for adults. Sculpting for adults. Photography for adults. Fashion design for adults. Open life drawing for adults. Photoshop and photo editing for adults, East York, Toronto