Art classes for Teenagers (age 13-17)

Budding artists get an in-depth chance to develop their skills by taking our after-school classes. The CCSA provides an intimate setting and individual instruction for a range of art mediums. Teenagers can explore different types of art practice, and through this process, gain a better understanding of how best to use their talents. Art-making that is pursued as a lifelong hobby or vocation can bring immense personal satisfaction. Additionally, creating a fully-resolved artwork requires perseverance, discipline, and a highly-focused process of decision-making. These are skills that can be readily transferred to other areas of life. Now more than ever, employers emphasize creativity and innovation as the most desirable attributes for their hires. After-school classes in art-making help to develop this aptitude for the children in your life becoming young adults.

Portfolio preparation:

The CCSA offers special prep classes for young artists who want to pursue art studies at college or university. Our instructors will help assess a student’s skill set and particular aptitudes for the different art mediums, and help to develop their application portfolio accordingly. We are planning to initiate relationships with a range of art institutions, with the goal to better facilitate this application process for our students.


        • Drawing
        • Painting
        • Sculpture
        • Filmmaking
        • Animation  
        • Fashion Design
        • Cartooning
        • Photography