The Canadian Contemporary School of Art is now offering adult classes!

We specialize in creativity and unleashing the inner artist in every adult. Our classes focus on
art from a different point of view, understanding the history and learning how to create
something new and exciting. We will show you to reach your potential of artistic expression, and
surpass your expectations of what art classes can be.
Through the use of new and traditional techniques, students will explore ways to create different
mediums of visual art, and be inspired to continue art creation outside of the classroom.
Classes run once a week, from 1pm to 3pm or 3pm to 5pm. Students can choose from 5
different programs including drawing, painting, sculpting, fashion design, and photography.
Classes are $40 per class.
Classes run once per week from Monday to Friday.

This course features basic and advanced techniques teaching individuals how to work with a
drawing utensils and guide their lines in creating something different and unique. Instead of
working towards a set final product, students are shown how to think creatively and understand
the techniques used in creating traditional and abstract works of art.

Our painting classes feature revolutionary teaching methods which focus not just on how to
paint but on how to create visual images from easily attainable art materials. Students will
explore a basis of skills and techniques, and be guided through art rooted in creativity, rather
than work together to reach the same goal. Classes will include discussions about art history
and a short study of the most famous works of art.

Students will experiment with sculptural making using natural materials, found objects, fibre
media and hand building techniques. Students will be introduced to examples of conceptual
making in sculptural practice, and will learn to how to build a visual language in the fabrication of
three dimensional works. Class discussions provide a forum for fun and support as we begin to
approach form, materiality and meaning in our work.
Fashion Design
Instead of traditional classes with a hard focus on sewing and tailoring, our fashion design
classes will focus on designing the perfect pieces and learning how to lay out fabric to create
original design creations. Through prototyping, students will make physical mock ups of garment
design ideas they might like to try using simple materials. By the end of the classes students will
have developed the skills needed to create the pieces that have been designed, and have the
confidence to create their own outfits and accessories.

Our photography classes aim to instruct beyond the basics of camera settings and composition,
we will show you how to create the best pictures without any previous skills and experience.
Through careful instruction and the tools needed to work with the camera, students will see
photographs in all of the world around them. Students will start with a base of creativity, and
work their way up to truly fantastic images.