Portfolio preparation:

The Canadian Contemporary School of Art offers high performance coaching for candidates seeking academic achievement in the Art and Design industry. Our teachers can coach students and help them prepare for successful admission to specialized art and design programs through our Portfolio Preparation program. These classes are designed to teach students the value of being a visual communicator through creating new pieces for their portfolio while developing interview skills that will guarantee admission to your program of choice. By signing the contract to join this program, we guarantee you will be successful in you application or you will receive a full refund *

A complimentary assessment is required before enrolment with the Instructor in which students will bring current portfolios to show the Instructor for review.  

It is highly recommended students review the requirements of the school they are applying to for their portfolio assessment so that CCSA can best help to complete those requirements. We can prepare students for art-enriched schools (Claude Watson, Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts, Etobicoke School of the Arts, etc.) or post secondary Art and Design programs (OCADU, YorkU, Sheridan College, etc). We will work with you step by step from creating the foundation of your application to preparing for the interview.

We also recommend that you begin to keep a sketchbook with all of your preliminary work. This is often a requirement for portfolio assessment to show the planning stages for your projects, and will also help us in our assessment of the work presented. All students who attend portfolio classes with the CCSA are responsible for their own materials and bringing their own sketchbook. The instructors will show examples and provide material lists in class, we just want you to be aware that being an art student has these responsibilities which we are happy to help support with our expert knowledge.

The Material List is not included in the final price, the student must bring their own. The price of materials depends on their quality, quantity, and student’s preferred medium. Budget about $150 to $300 for materials for making your portfolio.

Plan for at least 6 months – 1 year of preparation prior to applying to your school of choice to give you enough time to prepare a strong collection of work.


Junior Portfolio Preparation Class

Price:  $30.00 /hour

Classes are 2 hours in duration

This class is for students applying to art high-schools. Students have the option of starting the portfolio from scratch.


Senior Portfolio Preparation Class

Price: $35.00 / hour

Classes are 2 – 3 hours in duration

This class is for high-schoolers seeking post-secondary admission. An assessment with the Instructor is mandatory.


Private Portfolio Preparation Class

Price: $65+HST/hour

This is a private class for one-on-one art learning and is dedicated solely on the individual student.

Responsibilities of the Student:

  • to bring their own materials
  • Bring snacks and water, come well rested and prepared to work
  • to come on time for class
  • to bring reference material, inspiration and creative drive to projects
  • to commit to doing the homework assigned by the instructor


Responsibilities of the Teacher:

  • to provide high performance coaching to the student, and inspire them to produce their best possible work
  • to review the portfolio requirements with the student and make recommendations about materials
  • to use the class time to work on fundamentals of skills

Responsibilities of the Parents:

  • meet the needs of the child in preparing applications by providing materials and transportation
  • communicate with the student and instructors by reading evaluations and emails


Responsibilities of the School:

  • provide a safe learning environment
  • optimize success of the student by taking them through the entire process and rigorously monitor outcome, goals, and requirements of the student during the course of their preparation.
  • refund the course fee if acceptance is denied* (carefully read terms and conditions outlined in the Policies Regarding Portfolio Classes, Cancellation/Make-up Class Policy, and Behaviour policy to check if you are eligible for refund.

Cancellation/ Make-up class Policy

  1. We require 48 hours notice if you are going to be absent from class. Missed classes need to be made up during the term that they were missed, and do not carry forward into the next session.
  2. Make up classes occur on designated days in the term and are coordinated between the regular scheduled classes and events at CCSA. Promptly schedule your make-up class with our Art Assistant Manager. Make up class can be done maximum 2 times per term.


Behaviour Policy

  1. All students must show respect for themselves, each other, the instructor, the school, and the property of others. Any student intentionally damaging the property or the artwork and belongings of other students/instructors will not be tolerated at CCSA.


Refund policy for Portfolio Classes:

By signing the contact and registering for this class, you enter into an agreement to complete the practice and homework your teacher assigns you. Parents and students should be aware that preparing for these classes requires time outside of class. You will be eligible for a refund if you finished your homework, attended all the classes

(missing maximum 2 classes, which need to be made up during make up class time), and accept the high performance coaching we provide. If these conditions are met, you will be eligible for a refund if you apply to your program of choice and are denied admission based on the application we will help you to prepare.

*please read the policy regarding the refund, and carefully read the contract you sign so you are sure you understand this agreement.

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