PA DAY CAMP 2018/2019

Thee CCSA is happy to offer an exciting one-day camp for children on all TDSB PA Days.

PA Day workshops run 9am to 3:30pm. Children are also welcome to enjoy supervised play on the premises, from 8:00-9:00am and 3:30 to 5pm, for an additional fee.

Parents are asked to ensure each child brings their own nut-free lunch and bottled water to classes for each day of the week. The CCSA will also provide a organic snack.

Masquerade Madness

Fashion & Wearable Art, Sculpture, Painting

$65 + HST

October 5

With Halloween approaching we’re preparing with a spooky celebration.

Students will design and make unique masks.

They can learn how to sculpt and mould plasticine and combine it with found materials to create friendly monsters.

As always we also have a painting activity for children to make autumn inspired artwork!

Hibernation Hideouts

Sustainable Architecture, Sculpture, Painting

$65 + HST

November 16

The weather is getting colder and we’re going to be having a workshop all about staying warm this winter.

Students will learn how different animals are preparing for the cold and create cozy creature dens from natural, foraged materials.

We will also be having a painting activity all about hibernation hideouts!

Frosty Fun

Printmaking, Sculpture, Painting

$65 + HST

December 7

Snow is in the air and in the studio!

Students will be making wintery patterns using fun printmaking techniques.

They will also have the options to sculpt snowy-inspired scenes or paint winter wonderlands!

Flying with the Flies

Sculpture, Painting

$65 + HST

January 18

In the spirit of the new year students explore different insects and the ways that they transform!

Students will sculpt bugs out of clay, paint them and affix them onto branches to create multimedia artwork.

There is also a painting activity that will focus on insects and their processes of transformation!

Mythical Monsters

Animation, Sculpture, Painting

$65 + HST

February 15

This workshop is all about using your imagination as inspiration!

Students will draw on mythical and imaginary creatures to inspire short stories that they will turn in to short stop-motion animations.

The painting and sculpting activities will let students imaginations run free with the wild things!

The Big City

Photography, Sculpting, Painting

$65 + HST

June 7

Spring has sprung and the city has come back to life! 

Students learn about urban environments and their environmental impact.

They gain new perspectives as they explore the built environment around them through photography.

Students will also be able to put these ideas into action by designing and constructing or painting structures out of simple materials.

In addition to our day camps, we also offer:

Before Camp Care for $6.00 + HST per day (8:00-9:00am)
After Camp Care for $10.00 + HST per day (3:30-6pm)