These drop-in classes are specially-designed for children ages 2-4. The CCSA morning classes for children (9am-11:30am, Monday-Friday), take an art-centred approach to learning.

Fee: $30/Day

 A safe, welcoming environment (including on-site receptionist and surveillance camera) and certified instructors nurture the creative potential in children. Learning is always accompanied by music suitable for children and healthy snacks are served each morning, including organic fresh fruit.

The school’s program includes short break for gentle exercise including yoga, dance and play.

CCSA programs for preschoolers include:



Pattern Making

Creative practice

Art-based Math and Alphabet

The CSSA takes a special approach to teaching art to Preschoolers. The class starts with kids learning the very basic forms and lines. As we move on, they learn to draw shapes, and the different concepts of size, colors (and mixing colors). Later, they will add a story to this process of making a drawing; children at this age typically have a “story telling” brain. The classes also teach kids to make art by using their hands. This experience is very important as these exercises help them to understand their abilities, and as a consequence further develop their brain. These developmental benefits come with the added bonus of kids having fun with the process.

In this class, kids shape or combine materials to make three-dimensional artworks — a process that helps kids understand the concept of 3D. Approaches to sculpture can include shaping (as with plasticine and clay); or by assembling and cut and pasting, with the use of gluing. Lessons will combine shaping, collaging, gluing and more, using a range of materials, including plasticine, soap, paper, tape, beans, foam, metal, stones and more. All materials and techniques will be age-appropriate, with developmental benefits of allowing children better understand their abilities, which helps them to develop their brain.

Pattern Making
This is a fun way to learn the effects of different materials on paper. Using small stones, pieces or wood, or potatoes and other vegetables (e.g. peppers or apples), along with child-safe dyes and utensils, kids will make simple stamps they then apply to pieces of paper. This exercise in patterning conveys basic lessons about compositional symmetries and variations, but in a way that is enjoyable and gratifying for all children.

Creative Practice
This is a course in free-form art making. Children are free to bring their own materials to class (for instance: sticks, stones or preserved leaves or old magazines or other discarded paper materials) to use in the creation of sculptural constructions and installations. A class for open-ended play, Creative Practice allows kids to experiment with a range of arts — drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture— with the instructor guiding the students to combine practices and materials into the creation of 3D works.

Art-based Math and Alphabet Learning for Preschoolers

This class finds simple, enjoyable ways for toddlers to learn the basics in math and the alphabet. A range of creative methods are used to teach simple rules of numeracy and literacy. Lessons are conducted using child-safe materials, in a variety of inventive, gently instructive ways. Some of the classes use exercises in painting and drawing as a way for the little ones to learn, all with an emphasis on having fun in the process.

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