The Canadian Contemporary School of Art (CCSA) is presenting after school art program as well as lesson during the day for age 2 to 17. The CCSA takes an innovative approach to art instruction and provides a warm and welcoming environment for kids to learn in.  By nurturing the artist in every child, classes at CCSA help to plant the seeds of lifelong creativity.

We believe in creativity as an educational tool, one that builds a child’s confidence and the development of their problem-solving skills.

Art-led interactions teach children to be imaginative and trust their intuition — there is no wrong way to make an artwork. This type of experiential learning creates opportunities for self-expression and calculated risk-taking — along with the enjoyment of seeing one’s creative efforts lead to tangible results.
Classes at the CCSA encourage a child’s natural ability to be curious when engaging with the world. The school takes an organic approach to learning, teaching habits of open-minded inquiry that can help children be resourceful when faced with life’s challenges, big and small. Art classes nurture the whole child, creating the foundations for the well-rounded adults they will grow up to become.
Located in Toronto’s Leaside neighborhood, classes at the CCSA take place in a bright and open 3750 square foot space. Children are supervised at all times in small, instructor-led classes. Each class is devoted to both developing the skills necessary for mastering different art forms, and allows each child to experience the joy of learning about their creative selves.